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Cities in Motion - Metro Trailer

Release Date: Q1 2011 Genre: Simulation Developer: Colossal Order Platform: PC Description: Do you go by plane, helicopter, bus or car? Through Cities in Motion, a simulation game developed by Colossal Order, you may take over the urban transport network, having to create and operate your own transport system. The game presents four big cities: Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Vienna, all of them modeled from Historical moments, including a lot of known buildings and landscapes. One of main challenges is to create a transport network interconnecting the four cities. The gameplay complexity comes from different social classes because each one wishes a specific transport system. Thus the player has to find the best solution to equilibrate the urban planning, taking in account some items like rush hour -including traffic jam - and people who go to work every day. The Campaign mode spans one hundred years - from 1920 to 2020- and presents more than 30 vehicles. As time progresses the player must change his plane according society's necessities as well as his overview of Infrastructure. Those who don't like predetermined plot should play the sandbox mode that allows free editing of maps and cities.

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